About me

Looking at a Migration Period bucket from Stenstad, Norway

I am a Danish archaeologist, working with Late Iron Age and Viking Age Scandinavian identities, landscapes, mythologies and ideologies. I have a specialisation in the combination of archaeology and onomastics. On the large scale I study settlement patterns, place names and landscapes with a particular interest in pre-Christian sacral topography and the relation between the vocabulary for different types of cult sites and the archaeological material. On a smaller scale, I work with personal and social identities and the way they were articulated through different modes of expression such as personal names and iconography. Currently, I am based at the National Museum of Denmark working on a project about sacral topography on the island of Bornholm in the Iron Age supported by the Carlsberg Foundation reintegration fellowship programme. In december 2023, I will be PI of the FORTIS-project about militarisation and society on Iron Age Bornholm through the Independant Research Fund Denmark Sapere Aude Starting Grant.

Short CV

2023-2026: FORTIS (FORtified ISland). Militarisation, Conflict and communities on Iron Age Bornholm. Funded by the Independant Research Fund Denmark. Housed at the National Museum, Copenhagen Denmark.

2021-2023: Landscape of the Gods, the Sacral Topography of Bornholm in the First Millennium AD. Carlsberg Foundation Reintegration Fellowships, Housed at the National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2019-2021: ArcNames project about archaeology, Iron Age personal names and identities, MSCA-Actions, European Commission. Housed at the University of Bergen, Norway.

2017-2019: Researcher, postdoc, the National Museum, pre-Christian Cult Places-project, Copenhagen, Denmark

2017: Researcher, Central Place to Urban Space-project, Odense Museum, Denmark

2017: PhD, Department of Nordic Research, University of Copenhagen and department of the prehistory of Denmark and the Mediterranean, the National Museum, Copenhagen.

2011: Magisterkonferens, (extended MA-degree), University of Copenhagen, prehistoric Archaeology